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All members of WRAM should join the Resource Center Group and visit daily! It's where you go to learn what you need to know in the coming struggle! Use header link!


First, click on "Recruiting" on header above.

Once at the State Director Page, select the state/s you are interested in.

You will end up at the "State Information and Recruiting Page for that state. You may find units featured there, or some units may have posted recruiting accoutrements you can check out.

Finally, leave a message in the state group letting the units know you're looking.  Leave contact information if you can, but if not, simply check back every few days to see if someone has replied to your message.

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The Military Has Some of Our Concerns 20 Replies

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Prepping & Defense Resources 6 Replies

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Any information were this is at? 3 Replies

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The Most Dangerous Force on Earth is

100 Million Armed Americans with Nothing Left to Lose!

Welcome to the WRAM Action Center

Below is information  every Militia Member and Patriot Soldier MUST know. Some entries are long, some are short, but ALL are important in the coming fight for our return to freedom! 


I recommend checking these sites daily!

Current "HOT" Links

EVERY Patriot Militia Citizen Soldier needs to read these articles immediately! They are the REALITY that's coming!

Attention All patriots and militia members! The question of just how close we are to losing America has been made clear in the two articles by Brandon Smith below. Read these in order, now, then start discussing what We The People need to do and how soon. If this clear and present threat  isn't a a good reason to "RESET THE CONSTITUTION" I don't know what is! What you'll read here is the first solid justification for a revolution to take back our country!



197 Million Americans live in a constitution-free zone illegally created by DHS!

The Monster Plan to Control Us All!


We have the new US Army "Civil Disturbance" Manual in the Resource Center; highly advise you download your copy now and read it! I couldn't believe parts of it....

Below is a link to listen to Alex Jones' reaction in a conversation with Paul Watson. His analysis of a potential  scenario I believe is very likely!



This video, featuring Naomi Wolf, lays out the historic blueprint for takeover of a free people. Made prior to the current administration, it focuses on how that blueprint is being set up in America. How far down the path to tyranny we are becomes clear and leaves no doubt where we're headed today...and tomorrow. If you have any doubts about that, you won't after watching this presentation. Crucial you watch and share!


NWO, Fed, GMO, Rockefeller, etc. This is long, but stuff you need to know. Meet the enemies we face trying to take it all and control us all! You'll see, they have a HUGE head start!


From Liberty News Digest, an article by Brandon Smith...this is us, people!


From, this interview with a former Dept. of Ed exec rips back the curtain on a sinister, documented plan to change America using our schools and children. This documentary leaves no doubt WE MUST RESET AMERICA!



Dedicated to the Preservation of our Freedom,the Security of our Rights, and the Restoration of our Constitution to its rightful place as the LAW of our great Republic.


WHY THE MILITIA? Everything you need to know about the militia in America.

FIAT EMPIRE Who really controls our money...and our country!



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Wizard commented on Ann L. Duval's blog post CONSTITUTIONAL ATTORNEYS: Rutherford Institute Asks Supreme Court to Protect Whistle Blowers Acting in Interest of Public Safety, Challenges Government Efforts to Crack Down
"Funny how those who are supportive of returning our Nation to what we once were are demonized."
5 seconds ago
Wizard commented on Ann L. Duval's blog post DO NOT MISS THIS - US Senate Report on POW/MIAs: Proof of Betrayal, Abandonment & Treason
"Many of us have been well aware of this since the end of the Viet Nam "war".  Our govts actions/inaction's has left it quite clear how they really feel about this.  A whole lot of rhetoric and still nothing…"
2 minutes ago
Ann L. Duval's 16 blog posts were featured
5 minutes ago
Ann L. Duval posted blog posts
1 hour ago
Palmach'nik commented on Hank Fiorini's photo


"I'm the first on the left (w/ veil and my AMD-65)..been a long time since I've seen this pic."
3 hours ago
Palmach'nik commented on First Four's photo

rom logo

"I am in Ohio. Just want to know if ROM is active & if so, the particulars on where and when you meet to train. "
4 hours ago
Diane Sori's 2 blog posts were featured
8 hours ago
Diane Sori posted a blog post

May She Rest in Everlasting Peace

This is Colleen Hufford, the 54-year old grandmother beheaded in Oklahoma. No one in the media seems to be showing her picture, yet the media has NO problem repeatedly showing ad-nauseum a picture of the murdering jihadi bast*d taken years ago instead of the way he looks his muslim garb that is.  Another reason they are NOT showing her picture is…See More
8 hours ago
Ann L. Duval added a discussion to the group VIRGINIA STATE Militia Information Center

Preparing Virginia for SHTF - Are we ready? NO! Suggestions?

Preparing Virginia for SHTF - Are we ready?  NO!  Suggestions?The link below is recommended reading.States on the east coast are miserably unprepared for what is to come.  All too soon we will have anarchy and blood in our streets while the thieves and traitors of Capitol Hill; U.S. Congress, Dog & Pony Show Committees, mega corporations, bankers, and globalists all head to their safe havens underground, leaving the average, middle-class citizen the victims of their planned New World Order…See More
8 hours ago
Ann L. Duval commented on Ann L. Duval's blog post New York Fusion Center Declares Oath Keepers, Other Liberty Groups as ‘Extremist Threats’
"Exactly.  If it's happening in Texas or Pennsylvania or Oklahoma or Arizona ... IT IS HAPPENING TO YOU ... IT IS HAPPENING TO US.  Is our common cause not FREEDOM.  When we see these signs we know it's a disease that is…"
9 hours ago
Ann L. Duval commented on Ann L. Duval's blog post When These People Go Into Hiding, It Is Time to Pay Attention (Dave Hodges)
"Think of Hitler's "Eagles Nest" where he fled with his top brass and his mistress once he realized his agenda was dead.  This is the same thing.  The rats and roaches always plan for their getaway at the expense of decent…"
10 hours ago
John Klempel {Admin} commented on Wizard's blog post Why are we here? Out of love of country? Or fear of government?
"Very well written!"
11 hours ago
Wizard commented on Ann L. Duval's blog post New York Fusion Center Declares Oath Keepers, Other Liberty Groups as ‘Extremist Threats’
"Fellow Patriots... this includes YOU as an ‘Extremist Threat’"
17 hours ago
Xvue commented on Ann L. Duval's blog post When These People Go Into Hiding, It Is Time to Pay Attention (Dave Hodges)
"Hey I haven't seen our oh dear vice president in tv now a day. What's he up to? Didn't America pay him to do work for the United State? Oh well, I guess our vice president has a point; it's time to go for a hiding because…"
19 hours ago
Ann L. Duval commented on Ann L. Duval's blog post When These People Go Into Hiding, It Is Time to Pay Attention (Dave Hodges)
"I really didn't think congress would return from their August break.  I'm not sure all of them have.  As posted recently, George W. Bush purchased 100,000 acres in Paraguay.  The rats are leaving the sinking ship."
21 hours ago
Wizard's 2 blog posts were featured
22 hours ago


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