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Nothing secret about the American Red Cross. With 30,000 employees and a goivernment charter, the backbone of the volunteer org. based in every community is volunteers and donations.

Yes they drill for every possible emergency. Don't you?

PS. prison planet and infowars disinformation and misinformation crap is ALL crap.

I take very little I read on there seriously, but I also read this on an ABC news site. I know all about the American Red Cross. I just know from Hurricane Katrina how hard it is to evacuate a city in an emergency of any sort, let alone if riots were to actually break out. And to answer your question, yes, I try to plan and then plan some more for any situation that may arise. 

It's important to plan for everything. However, motives of those telling you lies also need to be prepared for. ie, all the crud in the dis/mis info rags lie just enough to get ppl to think the goverrnment want's everyone in chicago gone during nato summit. . . B.S. What they don't tell you straight up is the actual warning and suggestion that residents find other accomidations came from the property manager. Not any government official and certainly not from The American Red Cross. Real American organizations don't need to use scare tactics.

I am a red cross instructor & part time employee of the red cross. Since this story came out I have been on the phone constantly trying to confirm or dis-prove this story. Finally I received confirmation from my state director that this is legitimate. However, this is a preparation by the red cross as a just in case scenario. There is no evidence or threats that anything will happen. As I said, a just in case scenario. The National Red Cross has issued statements to all red cross chapters about the possibility of nationwide riots & unrest, not just Chicago, regarding the Summit. This is not dis/mis information but I do think it's been inflated by others who are just very trigger-happy. I guess time will tell. But I just wanted to let everyone know that the warnings & preparations are legitimate.

Thanks for the info, James. I don't live even remotely close to Chicago but I did find the story interesting. It's hard to find truly reliable news sources, Chancey. I do know anytime there is any kind of summit like that, there are pretty sizeable protests just a couple years ago when they had the G-8 summit in Pittsburg. I also know that tensions are running a lot higher in this country now than they were just a few years ago. Mix that in with the elements that already live in Chicago and you've got a recipe for disaster. 

And I would also like to add that these types of preps happen every year ahead of any of these types of events. I doubt that anything major will happen but I would still go somewhere else for a couple days if you live in Chicago, just to be safe. You just never really know. And by the way, no evacuation orders or recommendations have been made by the Red Cross. This is just a prep for possible evacuations & nothing more.

Hope for the best and prepare for anything. Bug out or stand and defend what's rightfully mine is my choice alone. A choice everyone must make or prepare to make on their own. Hopefully We'll all have good honest information to base decisions upon and be able to trust our fellow Americans and neighbors. Building trust then is part of preparations.


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