Federal court rules that government employees can't be drug screemed.

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Apr 26, 2012 2:06pm EDT MIAMI (Reuters) - A federal judge in Miami has tossed out an executive order from Florida Governor Rick Scott requiring drug testing of state employees, saying it violated the constitutional prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures.

How is it then that the dot. doe, epa, and others can dictate drug screen requirements imposed on civilian workers in those industries? I think this will cause a stink in all major industries.

I worked in the energy production and distribution industries annd welcome random sceening. A high fellow employee is an enemy. imo. BUT. exemting government employees from the same rigors is BULL Stuff!

Is this a ploy to drive a wedge deeper between civilian and government employees?
Watch and see.


Perhaps because their rules do NOT apply to them.....also, perhaps you should read "Foreign Agents" under United States Code. Sorry, I'm moving & not on my computer, but I will be happy to post links when I can. If I can get an dang signal.....I'll be in da woods, so hope I can still communicate when finished moving.



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