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In a highly inappropriate move by our Supreme Court, justices ruled 5-4 by vote that officials may strip-search people arrested for any offense, regardless of how minor, prior to booking them into jail. This invasive search may also take place even if there is no reasonable suspicion of the presence of contraband.

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy authored the decision, saying that the courts of America are not in a position to second-guess the judgment of a correctional official; that these officials must consider the possibility of smuggled weapons and drugs, as well as their need to preserve public health and information, citing the ludicrous assumption of mitigating gang affiliations in prisons.

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Great. They took another bite outta crime. Now EVERYBODY can OCCUPY jail safely after trying to crap all over America's ecconomy and cop cars.

If thats the case they are quickly becoming what they eat.

You're right. They should just shovel **it into the trash heap where it belongs and let it rot.

So you are for the strip search of people arrested for minor traffic violations?

If someone is arrested and booked into jail there is enough reason. If not then they wouldn't want to. But it really is still up to the arresting officers to do their jobs properly and in a safer workplace to which you'll surely agree even they are entitled? The ruling was that they may strip search not that they must.

Thats the problem, this is America not russia or china. That shit does not fly here, we have A thing call the Bill of Rights. If you dont see the violation Im not going to bother. As for the cops, I am sick of them being such pusses that they would glady take away every ones rights so they can be a little safer. If you dont have the balls then get the hell out!!!

One other thing, you have not once tried to join, start, or even participate with any group that I can find record of. Why are you here. You respect the rights of no one but those who think like you, you have made this painfully obvious from the beginning. I see you cause more dissension than anything else. So again I ask WHY are you here?

You sir are welcome to your opinion. Do NOT assuume it is shared by everyone who cares about the bill of rights AND American JUSTICE.

You are also welcome to view my profile here on wram to see what groups I participate in . Locally, We have more info to share. You however have your profile info set to private. So If you're writing a book about me and why me,,,,,, How about YOU???

Did not know my page was set to private.

Chancy, so you're totally okay with them "strip-search people arrested for any offense, regardless of how minor, prior to booking them into jail"? Are you out of your freaking mind? Have you ever heard this quote by Ben Franklin-

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty
to purchase a little Temporary Safety,
deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

If you want to go live in a totalitarian police state somewhere else then that's fine by me. However, they still remains some of us who are willing to fight for our rights including NO UNREASONABLE SEARCH OR SEIZURES. 

Wake up or move along

Nope. Don't go putting words in someones mouth you don't know. I
am not ok with any arresting officer abusing any American nor our rights. I am also not ok with drippy little whiners who think that their rights are somehow better than the rights of other citizens who do serve everyday who do have the need (and responsibility)to search law breakers prior and during booking them into jail.. If you look at the source of the above article, you can probably see that it came from an occupy wall street bunch trying to stir up class warfare. That, I am also NOT ok with. If you want to get tough on some citizens,,,, Why not get tough on the criminals? What do you have against a society built on law and order? I want safety AND freedom. AND JUSTICE is key to both.

Chancy,, brother know you could have said everything you said without the name callin and such!! Come on brother,, your comment is understood and with some of it i can agree with however some i cannot!! Lets just leave the name callin out of this and use that class you got!! Can we agree on that?

Your roof, your rules. I regret my use of the term "drippy little whiners"

Good Day.


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