New intelligence pertaining to the events surrounding the Benghazi attack and motive for killing Ambassador Chris Stevens;

1)The Al-Quaeda in Libya is not a homegrown movement simple using the name Al-Quaeda,but is in fact Al-Quaeda!

2)The leadership was flown into Libya,and funded/armed by the U.S.under direct orders from the WH,with Amb.Stevens handling the entire operation out of the C.I.A.Annex in Benghazi.

Amb.Stevens' duties included supplying the,funding,weapons and safe houses for the Al-Quaeda fighters as they arrived from Pakistan/Afghanistan.Later,he would help coordinate U.S. airstrikes to protect the Al-Quaeda fighters on the ground from pro-Gaddafi forces.

Also,relaying vital "real time"aerial reconnaissance intelligence on the position(s)of pro-Gaddafi forces and the location Gaddafi himself.

NOTE:Amb.Stevens was a critical link in the unlawful use of enemy combatants to wage an undeclared war against Gaddafi and the Libyan people.
After the death of Gaddafi,information about why and how the war in Libya was fought began to leak out the MSM.Congress started to take a harder look at the actions in Libya.While the WH launched a war on "whistleblowers".The orders from the were to find the leaks and plug them up(i.e.find/fix/kill those leaking information).Amb.Stevens was one of those leaks,and he intended to bring hard evidence to light in the near future(pre-election 2012').

4)When the WH discovered Amb.Stevens was leaking information,a kill order was issued.A plane full of Al-Quaeda fighters was loaded and flown from Afghanistan to Libya with the sole purpose to kill the Ambassador and destroy all evidence connecting the WH/C.I.A. to the use of Al-Quaeda combatants against Ghadfi.

NOTE:Some of these Al-Quaeda fighters were formally detainee's at Guantanamo for attacks on U.S. personnel resulting injuries and death.

5)While under attack in Benghazi from Al-Quaeda fighters,Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods' sent out a general call for help.The Commander in North Africa,sent a plane loaded with SPL.Forces operators and an armed drone to fly to Benghazi.While in route an order from the WH for the Plane to RTB(return to base) was given.The order was refused by the commander on the ground.

The WH ordered the Commanding officer on the ground,relieved of command for being unfit for duty.Not for disobeying a Lawful order,which the commander on the ground did not do.

6)The pilot of the plane was then given a direct order to RTB,the pilot refused the order and continued on fly to Libya.

7)Two N.A.T.O.(revised;F-16)fighters were scrambled for Italy,and flew at full afterburner(super-sonic) to intercept the SPL.Forces plane and armed drone en route to Benghazi.

8)The two fighters ordered the SPL.Forces plane to RTB,or they would shoot them down over the Mediterranean sea.The pilot complied under protest and returned to base.

9)The two fighters shot down the armed drone en route to Benghazi over the Mediterranean sea.


1)Divert all remaining resources to supplies necessary to your survival.

2)Be ready to buggout/mobilize at a moments notice!

God bless America!

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Comment by Walfred L.E. on January 21, 2013 at 4:06pm

The all pieces are falling into place,and a clear picture is beginning to surface.Every American is a target of this Administration.

Comment by zuesdog on January 20, 2013 at 11:09pm

can I ask where this information came from msn, fox, or some other news source. Why hasn't Congress acted on this? This is treason and murder if true.

Comment by Walfred L.E. on January 20, 2013 at 3:34pm

Due too the high risk environment produced by the current administration.All vetted intelligence sources have chosen to remain unnamed.This is for their safety as well as to ensure they continue to be source of intell.The war on whistleblowers has made it extremely dangerous for any one to meet or contact the patriot movement.

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