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I'd like to take just a moment and talk about the level of sacrifice it takes to be not just part of the patriot movement, but more specifically to be in a militia. Now I'm not talking about the popcorn kernel Facebook militias that pollute social media, full of people who whine from behind their keyboards and never see a days worth of training... but a real honest to goodness, working, constitutional militia.

Let this be a WARNING to those who are considering joining a militia, and a WAKE UP CALL to those who are already in one and not performing up to snuff... as it were.
I think this is definitely a discussion that needs to be had because I think in a a lot of cases... People join up not fully understanding exactly what they're getting themselves into. Not taking the time to consider what this gig fully entails is both dangerous and fool hardy not to mention incredibly irresponsible. This post is NOT directed at anyone in particular, but more towards people in general and because of that I will go about this in a different way than you would normally see here on Facebook..

What I'm going to do is kind of throw myself out there for the world to see.. to let people know things about me that I have never really talked about publicly, in an effort to educate people to what it TRULY takes to be successful at this...or at least what it has taken for me to get where I am at this point in time (I hardly consider myself to be successful..but I'm well on my way to being there) . SO.. grab a cup of coffee or what ever it is you drink to get you going, sit back and prepare to be educated. Lets begin shall we?

We'll start at the beginning.. the day you swear your oath. When you swear this oath or any other, you are placing your SACRED HONOR on the line. I can't even begin to stress the sheer magnitude of that statement... You cant take your money or your toys with you to Heaven... but your honor goes where you do.. no matter what. It defines who you are as a person. That HAS to mean something. If it doesn't I damn sure don't want you in MY unit...or any other for that matter.

When I swore my oath to the US Navy, I made a personal promise to myself that day, that from that point on, that very oath would define the man I was to become; that I would NEVER waver from that oath NO MATTER THE COST.. I have kept that promise to this very day. That oath changed me from an out of control drug addicted child into an honorable man.. a man who would stand by that oath even at the cost of his own life. I reiterated that oath once again when I joined the militia.

It's very easy for anyone to throw up their right hand and swear that oath but living up to it is an entirely different story. It's extremely tough and involves a level of personal sacrifice that I never in a MILLION years could have possibly imagined until I actually did it myself. Which again, is why I'm making this post.. in hopes of educating people before they swear said oath.
You need to understand What you're truly saying when you swear that oath .
What you are saying when you swear that oath is that you are going to be willing to sacrifice your TIME, your happiness, your fortune, your possessions (in some cases) and even your family to some extent, in order to serve the greater good you so eagerly claim to support. I for one, have sacrificed ALL of the above in my efforts to become a respected militia CO. And I will even go as far as detailing EXACTLY what doing this has cost me.

Time is a given..lots of it, so lets start with happiness... don't expect a whole lot of happiness if you're doing this properly. I literally have NO life outside the militia. Just the other day, my wife had suggested we need to do something fun... and all of the sudden it hit me.. that I didn't have the first idea what fun is anymore..or how to have it. My new definition of fun is seeing my troops succeed at something they have strived hard for. But on a personal level... I didn't have the first or foggiest idea what to do for 'fun" or what it even is.

I sit for HOURS on end every day in front of my computer or on my phone, not because Im some sort of techno geek or because I love Facebook... but because this is a good place to make contacts, secure training, keep up on current events that the press is ignoring, and to plan training events just like the big one I have planned for June. I could be out fishing or hiking or doing something "fun" but I don't... ever. Nope... during the week I do three things. 1. work, 2. sleep, or 3. sitting on here trying to put things together for the unit. On the weekends I invite the unit to my home for team building purposes. Someone please show me the happiness in that equation, because I fail to see it. And my wife DAMN SURE fails to see it. most of the time it angers her greatly at my own peril.

Now we'll move on to fortune... fortune? what the hell is fortune? Im bust ass broke. No savings and no retirement. I have taken members of my unit into my home for months at a time, and charged them no rent because they ended up on the streets due to misfortune and supported them asking for very little, and sometimes.. nothing at all. For the last month or so, I've been living on ramen noodles and instant mashed potatoes..eating once (or twice if I'm really lucky) a day. No f****** wonder i can't gain weight.

Anyone who knows me personally, knows Im a certified tattoo artist. It is my one true love. Im a peace loving artist at heart. And the truth of the matter is I USED to be damned good at it. but yet, because of my dedication to the militia and the cause of liberty, and more importantly my dedication to the men and women who serve under me, I have not even THOUGHT about dusting off my tattoo machines in almost 5 years. Sure I could be making good money on the side, digging myself out of the hole I'm currently in.. but no... as a matter of fact, a resounding HELL NO! Because the lives of the people I so dearly love are worth more than ANY amount of money I could ever make doing something I actually enjoy doing. Think about that one for a second. Think about it long and hard. Hows THAT for sacrifice? Still want to be in a militia? OK... let us continue on then.

Now we'll move onto possessions. This of course goes hand in hand with fortune. If I chose to work on the weekends, I could have all the nice gear, all the cool guns, the nice house, the nice vehicles that so many of you all have. but since i choose NOT to work on the weekends, Im stuck living in a dilapidated trailer in the white trash hell that is known as longview trailer park. My toilet is literally falling THROUGH my floor at the moment. and any of my guys will tell you that is NO exaggeration. I have gaping holes in my windows because they're missing part of the frames. I have no skirting on my trailer because I cant afford it so it looks super sexy sitting up on blocks. I have NO heat. which made for a tough winter trying to heat it with two little electric space heaters. my kitchen has peeled off wallpaper and is only half finished because I cant afford to finish it. I have also given ALL of my food stores to members of my unit who have hit hard times leaving myself with nothing, So I imagine you are probably thinking I'm absolutely INSANE for being willing to live like this when I have a trade under my belt that, in Florida, allowed me to live in a cushy 4 bedroom ranch with a two car garage and in ground swimming pool. RIght? Im nuts right?

No... not at all...not in my mind. As I said before all the nice toys and houses and money in the world is not worth me sacrificing ONE minute worth of the time I spend trying to ensure my people are trained and ready for whatever the hell is coming down the pipe at us like a freight train. We all agree its coming and I will sacrifice EVERYTHING to make sure I have done my absolute best to protect those that I love so dearly... even when they don't return it, which is frequently the case. Still.. I remain undeterred. Steady and true on my course I shall remain, until I feel they are all safe and secure and most importantly, prepared.. which right now, they are not...not in my eyes. Not to my satisfaction. I have very high standards. I have to. their lives depend on it. the future of this country I love so dearly depends on my standards.. this is how I see things. Right or wrong.. love it or hate it..this is who I am. So if you're going to be a Ghost.. you had better be f****** prepared to return that level of dedication and sacrifice. It's only fair...and it is in no way negotiable.

But alas, I digress.. so allow me to set the ship straight and continue on. Ever forward we go. Anchors Aweigh. Where were we?

Family... this is a, if not THE big one... ready to sacrifice your own family for your beliefs? I am...and I have. I have two children who barely see me and when they do, guess who else they get to spend time with... oop... you guessed it, ...the UNIT. (tell em what they've won BOB....) yep. my kids know most of the people in my unit. They train with me. my son can manipulate an AR-15 and shoot literally inches from your head with out wavering even one iota.. he can survive in the woods, and he'll snap your arm off and beat you with it just as soon as he would talk to you. Hows THAT for a way for your child to grow up? think Im pleased about it? HARDLY. Am I proud of him? you'd better f****** believe it. He can run close quarters assault / break contact drills because he's around it all the time. When he's with me it's all he knows. My 7 year old daughter wont even come to my house because shes terribly shy and the unit scares it should. So instead of getting that wonderful little thing called sleep that you all so dearly love(did I forget to mention I live on avg. 3-5 hrs of sleep a day?).., I get to drive 1 1/2 hours to go see her just to get to spend time with her. She and I were separated when she was a baby because of her mother and I separating and my subsequently moving from Pa to Florida. She, in alot of ways barely knows me and its hard for her to get close to me. I could very easily fix that problem.. but I haven't..and why? because of my dedication to.... wait for it...the UNIT. Holy shit...whoda thunk it?

Why? Why in the HELL would I do that...surely I must be some sort of lunatic! Negative Ghost Rider. I know that one day soon I am going to have to call upon my unit to quite possibly have to fight their way 40+ miles... possibly on foot.. fighting their way through God knows what, to get to my kids and to get them to safety. Starting to understand how I think?
My kids mean the absolute world to me.. and this is the best way I know how to keep them safe since they can't be with me all the time. My guys NEED to be ready. I need to be ready... because I will be doing the same for their families..and on that same note, as Americans, I would do it for yours.

Now lets move on to my wife... This woman is solid f****** scratch that... shes 100% platinum. There's not ONE woman alive that I know that would put up with what she has for this unit. Ive missed more than one of her Birthdays, our Anniversaries, and Mother's days, not to mention countless weekends (which is literally the ONLY time we see each other since we work opposing shifts) and for what? everybody all together now... THE UNIT! Just this past Mothers day I told her I wouldn't do anything with the unit so I could spend time with her. And since we're broke because of my dedication to the unit.. we sat at home just happy to be able to spend a little time together. Funny thing is we spent that time together planning a field training exercise for the UNIT.
How in the Blue hell I am still married is an absolute f****** mystery to me.. One Im glad not to solve as I choose not to look a a gift horse in the mouth.

I walked out of the middle of a shift at work with no notice, and drove 45 hours (non stop one way) to be at the Bundy ranch literally DESTROYING the only running vehicle we had at the time (risking BOTH our incomes) for two reasons..1. so I could be an example to my men in the Ghost Co. and the Light Foot, and to other patriots everywhere, and 2. to help a family I never met before because they were being assaulted on a constitutional and physical level. I have a target painted on my back that is so large it hurts to carry it because of my level of dedication to the my unit, to the Light Foot, and to this country that has kicked me in the balls repeatedly. THIS is dedication...THIS is sacrifice...

THIS is what it means to be dedicated to the cause and to the militia.

FEW people can say they know what the founding fathers went through..what they sacrificed to found this country.. But if there's ANYONE out there who can... it's me. And I'll personally slap the shit out of anyone who tries to tell me otherwise. You think I have an ego? You're GOD DAMNED RIGHT I DO! I EARNED IT! With my Blood, sweat and tears.

So when one of my members says a birthday is more important than training, that the welfare of their family is more important than training, that they have to work when our schedule has been clearly posted for the entire year, when you can't competently complete a drill we learned over a year ago ... or they just flat out FAIL to show up with no explanation what so ever... you'd better believe it takes an EPIC amount of self control for me not to go straight NUCLEAR. And as of late, my fuse is burning very short. But this is not just about the Ghosts.. this goes to ALL militias... you want to fix this country? This is what it takes... sacrifice. This is the ONLY way we will win... if you cant run with the big dogs...get the F*** back on the porch.
My unit is small... and theres a reason for that... because the simple hard core truth is most people simply can't cut it in the Ghost Company.

So heed this warning... if you decide you want to serve under ME.. you WILL be held to a higher standard. Think about THAT when you raise your right hand in front of the Ghosts.

Ahhh.. I feel better now. Now Im going to bed. Goodnight.. or Good day since its morning.

Christian Yingling


Welcome to the WRAM Action Center

Below is information  every Militia Member and Patriot Soldier MUST know. Some entries are long, some are short, but ALL are important in the coming fight for our return to freedom! 


I recommend checking these sites daily!

Current "HOT" Links

EVERY Patriot Militia Citizen Soldier needs to read these articles immediately! They are the REALITY that's coming!

Attention All patriots and militia members! The question of just how close we are to losing America has been made clear in the two articles by Brandon Smith below. Read these in order, now, then start discussing what We The People need to do and how soon. If this clear and present threat  isn't a a good reason to "RESET THE CONSTITUTION" I don't know what is! What you'll read here is the first solid justification for a revolution to take back our country!



197 Million Americans live in a constitution-free zone illegally created by DHS!

The Monster Plan to Control Us All!


We have the new US Army "Civil Disturbance" Manual in the Resource Center; highly advise you download your copy now and read it! I couldn't believe parts of it....

Below is a link to listen to Alex Jones' reaction in a conversation with Paul Watson. His analysis of a potential  scenario I believe is very likely!



This video, featuring Naomi Wolf, lays out the historic blueprint for takeover of a free people. Made prior to the current administration, it focuses on how that blueprint is being set up in America. How far down the path to tyranny we are becomes clear and leaves no doubt where we're headed today...and tomorrow. If you have any doubts about that, you won't after watching this presentation. Crucial you watch and share!


NWO, Fed, GMO, Rockefeller, etc. This is long, but stuff you need to know. Meet the enemies we face trying to take it all and control us all! You'll see, they have a HUGE head start!


From Liberty News Digest, an article by Brandon Smith...this is us, people!


From, this interview with a former Dept. of Ed exec rips back the curtain on a sinister, documented plan to change America using our schools and children. This documentary leaves no doubt WE MUST RESET AMERICA!



Dedicated to the Preservation of our Freedom,the Security of our Rights, and the Restoration of our Constitution to its rightful place as the LAW of our great Republic.


WHY THE MILITIA? Everything you need to know about the militia in America.

FIAT EMPIRE Who really controls our money...and our country!


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