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Wizard's WRAM Resrouce Center

     Welcome to Wizard's   WRAM Resource Center 

Considered by many to be one of the most complete collections of essential militia, survival, and prepper knowledge on the Internet, it should always be your first stop when you need to find crucial skills and information.



Click here to continue exploring the complete collection...


WRAM is Growing!


WRAM Daily Intel HOT Sheet

The most dangerous force on earth is 150 Million armed Americans with everything. or nothing. to lose as the future of their children hangs in the balance.


Citizen Rules of Engagement

Any action, by anyone, from anywhere, that violates a citizen's Constitutional Rights, as originally written and ratified, whether by threat or actual force of arms, and done so without due process,  shall be considered an unlawful act of life threatening aggression and assault and appropriate self defense measures may be undertaken.





At the top of this page I state that 150 Million gun owners are ready to defend America and our future. Below is an explanation of one man, a veteran of how he views his duty to this great country of ours. There are many of us like him; citizens who have taken the oath to protect and defend, and feel bound to that oath still. He makes it clear he's ready to die for what he believes in, as are many of us. What he asks next just may well be the ultimate question facing Americans.



Mosque Protest Violates Core of America's Greatness

(An email response to a suggestion that WRAM support a nationwide protest against  the uncontrolled incursion of Islamists into America.)

RE: Planned Protest at local mosques….

I fully support demonstrations against the illegal incursion of Muslims, (or anyone else), and any political/military forced takeover of or within our constitutional republic. However…

 Protesting at Mosques is absolutely the wrong thing to do:

a)      It would fall on deaf ears, make us look like bigoted fools, and mostly piss people off;

b)      Get little or no true results because the “migration” problem comes out of Washington, D.C.!

c)      So, instead of trying to explain to Muslim citizens at prayers in the mosques who have been here decades,

d)      Write pointed “letters” to the White House and members of Congress!

 I learned as a boy in school that in years past the Italians, the Irish, the Jews, and other ethnic groups faced similar negative feelings, justified or not. But not once did I ever learn of protests in front of Catholic churches or Synagogues to vent peoples’ frustrations and anger. So why now?



Must-Read Blog Post of the Day

Highly recommend Wizard's post How Horrific Will It Be For The Non-Prepper?  from  This article  is a brutally honest look at the consequences of not preparing for a major disruption or total breakdown of our normal lives.


In these times of encroaching danger we all need to read and heed the following from Wizard. If your not ready, get ready.

Can the very real threat to all of us be any more clear?  I think not. There are no more corners for us to be backed into.  Is all the talk about fighting for freedom no more than an abstract concept to serve at your leisure? Not only freedom, but life itself is now at stake.  How does this stack up against Friday night at the bar or taking your wife shopping, along with any of the other distractions?  Still dont have the time or interest in joining or creating a group for the time of troubles that are so clearly coming?  Explain that to your family as they are starving and suffering for lack of everything.  We need to return to our roots as a people and as a Nation.  Personal responsibility is no longer an option... but a requirement.





Dave Hodges, from Common Sense Show, lays out the likely future we may face. First it's depressing. Then, near the end when he lists Executive Orders already written and signed, it becomes monsterous and frightening! If he's only half right, we're facing a future most Americans simply can't comprehend. We must all get the word out and prepare for our worst might mares!


UPDATE- This last week it was reported that the instigator of the West Virginia Operation to remove public officials, Thomas Deegan, was arrested by West Virginia authorities. As citizens of this country, and of our respective states, we expect our laws to protect us and our communities. They also provide for procedures and actions to be taken against those who would break our laws. They also provide for processes and procedures to change our laws and replace those who govern us. To that point, I ask this simple question: What is the difference between an elected tyrant who cares not what the people want or need, and a revolutionary extremist who ignores the electoral process and takes the tyrant's power away by force, caring not for what the people want, need, or desire?

As citizens, patriots, and constitutionalists, we decry the rise of a police state that grinds our God-given, natural human rights under their boots as they unlawfully beat us, shoot us, and kill us. Are we any more lawful or constitutional if we respond with the same armed brutality? Sometimes we are; but only if that tyranny and oppression has stripped away all of the rights and processes enumerated in those same documents we hold so dear, and leaves us with no effective, peaceful alternative.

Armed defense of communities, states, and nations is a brutal, nasty, but sometimes necessary evil. Revolutionary civil war, for any reason, rips those same communities, states, and nations apart beyond recognition. This MUST be an action of last resort! For there will be no guarantees of the outcome; only a long, brutal struggle back to a new normal.



The West Virginia Operation

Within the last week no fewer than five members of WRAM posted links on WRAM regarding a proposed or planned so-called "militia action" to support the unauthorized removal of certain officials in the state of West Virginia. Militia members, Oath Keepers, and other organizations were urged to assemble in West Virginia to provide an armed force to prevent/stop any interference from officials and law enforcement.

All of the posts were removed, and the posters suspended, pending a review of their actions with regard to WRAM's Terms of Service and the Terms of Service of Ning, our service provider.  After a review of the TOS, as well as various applicable laws, the members were reinstated but the posts were not. A summary of the findings included:

   a) The proposed operation clearly appears to be, by definition, an armed insurrection, an illegal and unlawful act against duly elected officials. (Ironically, helping local and state officials defend against rebellions and insurrections is one of the constitutionally authorized duties of the militia!) 

  b) Any shared plans and associated actions in furtherance of a criminal act is, itself, a crime of conspiracy committed by both the originators of the plan and those who would travel to West Virginia to help them.  

  c)  Under federal RICO statutes, (Organized Crime), anyone, whether individual or group, who crosses state lines to commit an illegal or unlawful act in another state is guilty of a federal offense. (I'm also reasonably certain that doing so with firearms might be a separate violation of some firearms  act.)

  d)  Finally, by merely posting information in furtherance of an attempt to recruit others to commit illegal acts, the crime of "incitement or inciting" to commit insurrection or other crimes may have been committed, as well. If I had allowed these posts to remain and not removed them at the earliest possible time, the posters and myself may have been considered complicit in that illegal act.

Fellow Patriots, we all share a passionate desire to be rid of the would-be oppressors that permeate our country today. But we must do so in a lawful manner consistent with those principles and documents we hold so dear. Please, before posting, look at the bigger picture and act accordingly.









==Do Your Own Intel Mining==

Below are information sites that track key events, policies, legislation, and potential solutions to the issues we all face. Every patriot and militia member MUST know what's realty happening in and to our country. Right below the list of resources are entries of what's currently hot, and what's likely to get hotter!

Keep in mind also that no one source has all the answers; but collectively they can give you a very good picture what's happening and, more important, what's about to happen! I recommend checking these sites daily. But don't limit your sources; build your own list of hot links that provide what you need to know to survive and thrive!




September 22,2015:

What is a Militia?


September 4, 2015:

The video that has made so many mad as hell or scared for their lives....

August 20, 2015:

Gerald Celente on Info wars

August 4, 2015:

Admiral Lyons (Retired) sets the record straight re: Islamist s and their extremism. It becomes crystal clear the domestic enemies of this country, including many we trusted, were NOT on the side of the American people! Watch it and weep here: 

July 23, 2015:

The Patriot Nurse With an Excellent Take on the Nation's State and the Most Important Prep of All!

July 22, 2015:



July 20, 2015:


(WRAM members, please note that, while this patriot's direct and passionate approach may become necessary in the future, you must always follow accepted Rules of Engagement with regard to defense of family, community, and country. Despite his passion, his message of preparedness is a just and valid one; please don't misconstrue his "call to arms" as a baseless call to unlawful action.)


July 20, 2015:

MUST SEE video from U.S. soldier telling like it is! He means business and so should you!


July 14, 2015:

D'nesh D'Souza reveals why OBAMA wants to destroy America! (From 2008; but truly relevant now; leaving no doubt about why a grass roots revolution may be necessary to restore our nation.)



July 18, 2015:

White Genocide? You decide, but keep in mind that any favoritism of one race over another, by definition, is racism! What will the world of your children and grandchildren look like?




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